Light for the Bridge & Roofs for the Girls

A return to history this go…

And an exploration of a funky bridge now almost one hundred and thirty-five years gone.


This image from the Robert N. Dennis Collection of Stereoscopic Views is seen here as a courtesy of The New York City Public Library and the Digital Public Library of America

The roofed sidewalks on this ornate example “Village Bridge” would have at least twice daily protected some of Lowell’s Mill Girls from the elements on their way to and from their long demanding shifts.

The following video photo gallery, primarily showcasing images taken by child labor activist Louis Hine is seen here as a courtesy of Selena Marie Perez.

Do bear with me for the few coming days in that the current gig has me tripping through Lowell Mass with regularity, though with this last month being the depths of Winter, stops in the shop are either side of Sun’s up and don’t allow for my taking the few additional photographs I’d like to include in the entry.

Do click back in the coming days, as I’ll add those, and what is known of this one of a kind crossing, and conjecturalize a bit about the funk in its unique details.

Meanwhile, wonder after those details and this through-truss uncovered allowing us to see if we might arrive at like conclusions.


About Will Truax

I'm a timberframer and preservation carpenter, and regularly work on Covered Bridge restoration projects. Bridgewrighting can be a tough row to hoe, for a myriad of reasons. From scheduling issues to differing opinions and philosophies on what is appropriate in methods and materials, to multiple jurisdictions still not sufficiently vetting bidders resumes - Which is to say, just because a company is on that state approved list and capable of building that seven figure overpass, this does not mean they are capable of restoring a wooden bridge... So, I have much to say about all this and more - And despite my tough row observation, I promise not to whine. View all posts by Will Truax

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