We Will

The simply staggering power of moving water has of course, been much on my mind lately. Too much really. With news of similar flooding devastation seemingly every few days, happening somewhere in the weeks since Irene’s visit to our patch of the planet. With travel into areas which suffered devastation, and research and planning for the probability that I will be involved in some of the rebuilding.

The Contoocook RR Bridge was twice tipped by floods in both ' 36 & ' 38, and both times righted and returned to service

It is in thinking about the rebuilding that I find some solace. And this not because it brings much needed work, but because history tells us the power of high water seems equaled and even excelled by the resilience of humankind to pick ourselves up and rebuild. And to learn in the doing.

The Hall, on the Saxton’s River in Bellow’s Falls, none so far from the lost Bartonsville, was itself, very nearly lost to Irene. With a large section of a dry-laid stone abutment washed away, and a set of Bolsters, (visibly displaced in this flooding footage) a support sub-structure, was very nearly punched out from beneath it at this same compromised corner.

We have been here before, like those we share similar experience with on these very same rivers and waterways.

Flood Scene, Wrack and Ruin Postcard

Just as they have done, again, we will rebuild.


About Will Truax

I'm a timberframer and preservation carpenter, and regularly work on Covered Bridge restoration projects. Bridgewrighting can be a tough row to hoe, for a myriad of reasons. From scheduling issues to differing opinions and philosophies on what is appropriate in methods and materials, to multiple jurisdictions still not sufficiently vetting bidders resumes - Which is to say, just because a company is on that state approved list and capable of building that seven figure overpass, this does not mean they are capable of restoring a wooden bridge... So, I have much to say about all this and more - And despite my tough row observation, I promise not to whine. View all posts by Will Truax

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